Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes
Since we're on a bit of a cupcake theme this newsletter, we have a super fun and easy birthday (or any other occasion) treat idea - ice cream cone cupcakes!
  • make yourself a tray for baking the cupcakes; we used a foil roasting pan and cut the holes out to fit the cones (we were able to fit 20 cones)
  • fill the cones to just where the cones flares out (we used a packaged cake mix) and bake according to instructions on the package
  • after the cupcakes have cooled, pipe the icing in a swirl to make it look like a soft serve ice cream cone; add sprinkles if you'd like
  • if you're needing to transport your cupcakes, try using one of the cupcake boxes we carry at the Essential Packaging Store. In this photo, we used our 10" x 14" cake box, with the mini cupcake insert that holds 24 cupcakes
  • when putting in the cupcake insert, invert the tabs and tape them to the inside of the box; since the cones are a little taller than regular cupcakes, set the insert a little higher up off the bottom of the box to prevent them from tipping over